Who may submit a request to the Crail-Johnson Foundation?

The Crail-Johnson Foundation will consider a Letter of Inquiry (aka, Initial Grant Request) from organizations in the Greater Los Angeles County whose mission and services are compatible with those of the Foundation. Applicants must be certified as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. During the Foundation’s review process, equal consideration and due diligence will be given to all organizations being considered-both past grant recipients and new perspective grantees.

As a past Crail-Johnson Foundation grant recipient, when may I submit another Letter of Inquiry?

A past grant recipient is eligible to submit a new Letter of Inquiry each year, within the appropriate program area and corresponding grant cycle. The Letter of Inquiry process is the same for new organizations and past grantees. All organizations should review the Application Procedures page to retrieve information about our application process which includes the timing of our grant cycles. If there is a question regarding which program area an organization may fall under, you may contact the Program Officer for clarification.

What amount should I request in my Letter of Inquiry?

Although grant requests are not declined based on the amount requested, when applying it is a good idea to review the Foundation’s list of past grant recipients and the amounts received to gain a perspective of typical grant amounts while keeping in mind that our grants should never be intended to be a significant percentage of your organization’s budget.

Foundation staff generally do not provide guidance nor suggest the amount your organization should seek.

Does Crail-Johnson Foundation fund general operating support?

Yes, the Crail-Johnson Foundation does fund general operating support, in addition to program support and support for direct services.

Does Crail-Johnson Foundation supply multi-year funding?

In general, the Foundation prefers to review grant requests on a yearly basis and does not provide multi-year grants.

If an organization is approved for a Crail-Johnson Foundation grant, when might we anticipate the grant funds?

Crail-Johnson Foundation grants are generally paid within four to six weeks of approval and upon receipt of the signed Grant Agreement.