Application Procedures

Please carefully review all information below in order to follow instructions for submitting your initial grant request to the Foundation.

Our process to submit the initial request has changed. We are now using an online grants platform. The Foundation does not accept requests via email or regular mail. The link to the grants platform is below.

Review the Grant Guidelines and Funding Priorities on our website.

Initial grant requests (aka, Letters of Inquiry/LOI) are accepted during the following times and according to the primary focus area of the grant request:

September 1 – September 30
Human Services:
December 15 – January 15
May 15 – June 15 (by invitation only)

The application to submit the initial request is only available during the dates stated above.

Current grantees are eligible to apply for renewed funding each year according to the above cycles.

Receipt of all requests will be acknowledged via email within 2 weeks to the primary contact person indicated for the request. If an email is not received within 2 weeks of submitting a request, please send a follow-up email to

Each applicant will be notified regarding the status of their request within one to three months after it is received.

All applicants, whether past grantees or new to the Foundation, need to create an account in order to access the request form. When you click on the first link to create a new request, under the Email box is a link to “New Applicant”. Click on that link to create your account (please note down your password) and then you will be connected to the request form.



If you are creating a new request you will need to create an account using your email address and a password. There will be a brief fill-in portion and to complete the request, you will need to upload the information outlined in A – C detailed below (and described on the site as well). ALL DOCUMENTS, INCLUDING ATTACHMENTS, MUST BE SUBMITTED IN PDF FORMAT. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A SCANNED COPY

A. Narrative:

  1. A description of the programs and services (activities) of the organization, including the specific program requested, if applicable. Be sure to address why there is a need for services, what services you provide, who receives services (including numbers served, age range(s) and demographics), where is the geographic region(s) and communities served (please be specific) and when (how often) do you provide services. If you provide services at schools, be sure to tell us which schools. (Maximum of 1 page)
  2. Please state the impact/outcomes/results for the organization’s programs and services and for the specific program or project (if applicable). Refer to the Glossary of Terms link below. (Maximum 1/2 page)
  3. Please describe the organization’s methods for evaluating your programs and services, as well as the program or project (if applicable). What type of data do you collect and what do you do with that data? (Maximum 1/2 page)

B. Budget 1
A detailed budget for the organization for the current fiscal year. (Budget should reflect BOTH revenue and expenses for the organization. Revenue should be itemized by type of support, e.g. Government, Foundation, Individuals, Board, etc.) (Maximum 2 pages)

C. Budget 2 (if applicable)
A project budget (if applicable to the request) for the current fiscal year. (This should reflect the budget for the whole program or project. You may also include a separate column to show how Crail-Johnson Foundation funding would be used, but it is not required.)(Maximum 2 pages)

D. Top 5 Employees
A list of the Top 5 employees, including name, title, total salary (including benefits), and average number of hours worked per week.

Organizations selected to submit full proposals will be invited to complete a full Grant Application, provided by The Foundation.
The Foundation holds three grantmaking meetings each year: in March (Education), June (Human Services), and November (Health). All final funding decisions are made at those meetings.

Online Grant Platform Glossary of Terms