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The Accelerated Schools

LAUSD Charter School supported by the Crail-Johnson Foundation

The Story of The Accelerated Schools

The Accelerated Schools’ story began in 1994 with two Los Angeles Unified School District teachers, Johnathan Williams and Kevin Sved. They envisioned a school that would combine the best qualities of two models: the community and parent participation characteristics of charter schools; and the high expectations of an accelerated learning program where every student is treated as gifted and expected to succeed. In turn, they started The Accelerated School in space rented from a nearby church, starting with 50 students in grades K-4. The end result was an intensive learning environment where students would realize the benefits of articulation from grade-to-grade in the same setting, along with continuity in teaching and administrative staff. As a result, today’s teachers possess invaluable knowledge of their students performance and history while instilling students with a sense of stability.

Student success at The Accelerated Schools is distinguished by a culture focused on higher education. That emphasis on achievement also integrates continuous improvement of teaching methods and professional development that ultimately helps ensure students gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed at the college or university of their choice.   Since 1994, that first school has grown into a warm and thriving community of schools that continue to serve as a shining example of achieving educational reform in the urban community of South Central Los Angeles. And we are still growing!

The Accelerated Schools Mission

The Accelerated Schools will graduate students who are prepared to succeed at the university and career of their choice who will enter the workplace as informed and productive employees, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and will act as responsible citizens.
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